Eva Longoria’s Beauty Tips


Today all you dears would get to know the beauty tips from the eternal beauty Eva Longoria.

She believes in mental as well as physical health. She wants to be like Demi Moore when she turns 42. As per Eva you need to get your body and blood tests done at regular intervals.

She supports facials for skin care. Eva says you need to maintain your diet, exercise and checkups.

Eva has studied kinesiology i.e. body movement and hence healthy body has always been her part of concern. She is a natural athlete. So she exercises various sports which keep her fit. She gets her neck massaged when stressed out.

Eva’s a real foodie. She loves Mexican food and she cooks it very well. She loves a cup of coffee made by her mom. So may be her mom’s coffee and Mexican food are her beauty secrets.

Source: ChicLooking.com — Eva Longoria’s Beauty Tips

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  • 27 августа 2008, 23:59
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