Drop 5 Years in 5 Minutes

It's holidays time so why not believe in mini-miracles? Some beauty experts claim that it is possible to drop 5 years in 5 minutes. Too good to be true??? I don't think so. You are welcome to discover this secret!!!

  • eyes

The first thing we have to do — is to get rid of dark circles and heavy lids. Say bye-bye to smoky shadows and say good-bye to a softer palette. You will look fresh and young.

Sharon Stone

  • concealer

Concealer is a must have thing in a bag of any woman. But the key to success is the way you apply it — don't use concealer on outer corners; since it can make emphasize on crow's feet.

  • no shadow

You'd better forget about eye-shadows and think of using a pencil instead, after applying smudge it.

  • nude

Accentuate your lower lash line with a natural pencil.

Good luck!!!

Source: ChicLooking.com — Drop 5 Years in 5 Minutes

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  • 12 января 2009, 19:06
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