Banned poly bags plague port city

Outlawed polythene bags are ubiquitous in Chittagong city where they are clogging up the drains and canals because authorities are doing little to enforce Michael Kors Outlet the ban on them.

Despite the prohibition, poly bags are part and parcel of life in the port city where they are available in every market and shop.

Department of Environment (DoE) sources said they cannot conduct drives against the use of the banned item because of a manpower shortage.

But the rampant use of Michael Kors Outlet the environmentally unfriendly item has cost Chittagong city residents widespread flooding during the monsoon season because of blocked drains and water channels.

The government, in 2001, slapped a ban on the use of 40 to 50 microgram polythene bags after it was determined that the bags were a major contributor to the 1988 and 1998 floods that submerged two-thirds of the country. The law did not apply to export-oriented polythene production.

The banned bags were seen Michael Kors Factory Outlet in retail shops, at kitchen markets and groceries, and in the city’s wholesale markets, in short everywhere people traded goods.

DoE sources said poly bags were brought into Chittagong from factories in Dhaka and Chandpur on covered vans and by boat, before being distributed to the city’s traders and retailers in the dead of night.

Furthermore, factories that Michael Kors Outlet Online produced poly bags for the readymade garment (RMG) industry were also illegally supplying poly bags to Chittagong wholesale and retail businesses, sources added.

Businesspeople in the city told the Dhaka Tribune that one pound of poly bags – they are priced by weight — sold at Tk75 to Tk80. They said consumer preference for polythene packaging drove demand for the bags.

Md Zafor Alam, director Michael Kors Outlet Stores of the Department of Environment, told the Dhaka Tribune at least two mobile courts conducted drives each month under a deputy commissioner.

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Assembly approves California statewide ban on plastic bags

California lawmakers passed a key hurdle Thursday in imposing the nation's first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

The state Assembly Michael Kors Outlet Online approved SB270 on a 44-29 vote after rejecting the bill earlier in the week. It now heads to the Senate, where it must be approved by Sunday and has support from top Democrats who rejected a similar effort last year.

The new version won support from grocers by allowing them to charge 10 cents for paper and reusable bags, and from some manufacturers by including $2 million in loans to help shift production to reusable bags.

The bill by Sen. Alex Michael Kors Outlet Padilla, D-Los Angeles, would prohibit single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and large pharmacies in 2015 and at convenience stores in 2016. It has sparked one of the most contentious debates in the last weeks of the legislative session, with aggressive lobbying by environmentalists and bag manufacturers.

For years, a statewide plastic bag ban has been an elusive goal for lawmakers trying to reduce the buildup of plastic waste in oceans and waterways that costs millions of dollars to cleanup. About 100 local jurisdictions in California already have adopted similar bans, including Los Coach Purses Angeles and San Francisco.

«We live in a throw-away society,» said Assemblyman Bill Quirk, D-Hayward. «What this bill does is to make an effort to do one little thing: Get people to use reusable bags.»

Opposition to the bill Coach Outlet Online has focused on the 10-cent fee, which legislators of both parties have called unfair to consumers.
«We're adding significantly to their costs,» said Assemblyman Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills. «This is a tax on our consumers.»

The American Forest & Paper Association, representing paper bag makers, says SB270 unfairly treats their commonly recycled products like plastic, while holding reusable plastic bags to a lower standard for recyclable content.

The American Progressive Coach Handbags Bag Alliance, a coalition of plastic bag manufacturers, released a statement calling on the Senate to reject a bill that «threatens 2,000 California manufacturing jobs, hurts consumers and puts billions of dollars into the pockets of grocers — without providing any benefit to the environment.»

An influential grocer's union, which had withdrawn its support earlier, now backs the bill.

An Anti-Handbag Girl Changes Her Tune

When I was a little girl, I had my purse stolen at least a dozen times. I’m not sure you can even call it stealing, though; it was more like I'd forget I had a bag with me and leave it some place. One time, a kid took the money out of my purse while sitting next to me at McDonald’s. Michael Kors Canada I was aware that he was looking at me weird, but completely oblivious to the thing that was holding all my valuables.

Handbags made me feel weighed Michael Kors Outlet down, annoyed, and it's no wonder I was losing them constantly. Carrying a purse just does not come naturally to me. I'd much rather stuff everything into my pockets, no matter how hard my mom tried to break me of this habit. All I wanted to do was run around with my brother and his friends, and a purse was not conducive to that in any way.

In college, my friends constantly warned me that I'd lose my ID and money by carrying it to the bar in my back pocket. Surely they didn’t know my history and that the best way for me to lose something was to put it in a purse. We agreed that I'd just put my stuff in their bags for nights out. (Thanks for that, guys.)

When I moved to NYC, well Michael Kors Outlet on my way to adulthood, things got real. I no longer had a car in which to leave my stuff, and the consequences of losing things had gotten much worse than they were in that McDonald's all those years ago. There was no way around it: If I wanted to get to work, run errands, or go out, I had to carry a purse.

The most annoying part of this realization, though, came when I peered into my closet to find one. My collection consisted of going-out clutches (the few I hadn’t previously left in a velvety booth somewhere), one shoulder bag I had picked up at Target years ago, and a giant North Face backpack. I had to go with the shoulder bag, since carrying a clutch to work lends the specific impression that you did not make Michael Kors Outlet Online it home the night before, the backpack one of a camping yen.

The short version of the story is that I made it to work, and my bag continued on the E train to Queens, which I think is the moment I hit rock-bottom in my purse saga. It had become clear that if my belongings were not somehow tethered to my body, they may not end up where I need them — with me.

I get that this all makes me sound spacey. And, maybe that's true, but I'd also been enabled by all those friends who resigned themselves to toting my things. Michael Kors Outlet Stores It may also seem like I'm a handbag hater, but that's simply not the case. I drool over buttery leather and hand-sewn seams. I covet a glamorous, luxury bag — but have accepted the truth about myself, that it just has to be convenient to tote around or else it won't work for me. This odd set of circumstances has made me a bit of an expert at finding beautiful — and practical! — purses.

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Colorful candies, hit the color, light, flax, plaid etc. these elements as the most common words in 2013 fashion, while the fashion handbags Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet are integrated into these elements.

From the color, many large and small brands have launched a colorful bags to attack the market. Design with a simple casual European flavor, color is Burberry Handbags fresh and gorgeous, very. Style setting and formal briefcase or softer texture postman bag, whether leisure or formal can match a very suitable for modeling, it is no wonder that would be popular with a large group of female friends. One of the most representative launched colourful leather bag, laptop, oblique cross Lululemon Athletica dual-purpose, color blue, white, red and yellow, blue, green and other 6 kinds of choices, classic and unbeaten style design, the color of the perfect interpretation of it. In addition to the color of beautiful, collocation between colour also breaks through the usual visual effect.

Walking in the street can gracefully follow body rhythm and sway with the wind, each tassel bag, this winter and returned to the line of sight of people. Ultra light nylon bag to release pressure name, city, traffic pressure. Star and street trendsetter have carried the nylon. Different from the cascading effects tassel boots two or three layer covered, boutique fringed bag on a trait with the master agreement. The same is the tassel, but swaying Fengzi each, deduce different fashion style, fringed style is relatively simple, many Gucci Handbags lines have been showing the bag of dynamic, so in style tassel bag with simple and elegant, with black and khaki.

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Monday Political Grab Bag: Rising Gas Prices Hurt Obama's Ratings Etc

Rising gas prices Louis Vuitton Outlet have many voters looking for someone to blame and President Obama appears to be as good a target as anyone, suggests, with the president's approval rating falling from 50 percent last month to 46 percent recently.

The alleged killing of 16 Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier, and any indigenous retaliation, on Obama to accelerate the drawdown of U.S. troops Louis Vuitton Handbags from the troubled nation.

Mitt Romney's quest for the Republican presidential nomination from its organized and well-funded strategy, reminiscent of Obama's 2008 approach, of focusing on gathering delegates in every possible locale in an attempt to make it mathematically impossible for anyone to win the nod but himself.

While Mississippi and Alabama are seen as unfavorable states for Romney, some polls show him either or in both Deep South states.

Rick Santorum and Louis Vuitton Outlet Newt Gingrich to the Mississippi and Alabama primaries Tuesday to spur their campaigns, with the former House speaker admitting that he needs and maybe more to stay in the race.

Despite the Louis Vuitton Outlet disdain lobbyists are often subjected to, with the Obama administration keeping them at arms' length, are making no secret about joining the lobbying ranks.

Rod Blagojevich, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store the former Illinois governor convicted on corruption charges, this week and is likely to be shocked by the stark conditions he'll encounter, according to former politicians who became federal prison inmates.

This Week's Innovation: Slippers That Fit Like A Second Skin

If you've ever Oakley Sunglasses struggled with finding shoes that fit your feet perfectly, take heart. A Japanese designer has taken that universal need to a whole new level — and it all started with cheese.

Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata was inspired by cheese fondue for something he calls the. Fortunately you don't have to dip your feet in melted Gruyere: His idea is to create custom shoes for your unique feet using thermosetting PVC material. Once the material hardens Cheap Oakley Sunglasses to your individual shape, you get a pair of slippers that Ohata claims can be worn inside and outside. And there's no waiting for the UPS driver to deliver the goods: It would be sold as a do-it-yourself kit — though Ohata says he wants to use a safer material than PVC if this goes to market.

For now, the concept looks more like an art project than practical footwear, but Ohata has of people wearing the shoes while relaxing at Cheap Oakley Sunglasses home, cleaning the house and even commuting to work.

Ohata's «fondue moment» came when he noticed how the molten cheese wrapped around food. He experimented for over a year, applying the process to everyday items like a computer mouse, light bulb and pencil.

The result? Ray Ban Sunglasses He discovered that the fondue's draping effect functions like our own skin. That insight, along with feedback from people around him, led Ohata to devise the concept for fondue footwear.

Design inspired by nature (or cheese, in this case) is intriguing, but it might also smell — and not in a good way. Ohata admits the shoes are Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses «sweaty inside for now,» but he is working on solutions that include adding small holes for ventilation. Sounds like Fondue Slipper could be the new -meets- hybrid.

How Green Are Reusable Bags?

This story is part of a series called that will air throughout August on All Things Considered. The series examines some of the things Americans Michael Kors Outlet are doing — and buying — to help the environment and whether those steps really are as «green» as they seem.

Business are selling them, even giving them away hoping they will replace those plastic grocery bags that have become something of a poster child for environmental waste and destruction. From the Whole Foods Market to Home Depot, stores are jumping on the reusable-bag Michael Kors Factory Outlet bandwagon, delighting many eco-minded shoppers.

The Whole Foods bag, for example, is made of mostly recycled plastic — ecologically better than a bag made from PVC or with harsh chemical dyes, for example. But the bags are also shipped thousands of miles from overseas. So every reusable bag is a mixed bag, baffling Michael Kors Outlet consumers and experts alike.

«There are a lot of different characteristics,» Hoover says. «And it can be hard to say, 'Organic and fair trade and local cloth is better than recycled content polypropylene from China.' There are too many parameters to come up with a clear winner.»

Stores too struggle with Michael Kors Outlet Stores the trade-offs. Last year, Wal-Mart started selling a black bag that was made entirely from recycled bottles. Now, it offers a cheaper blue bag that is thinner and uses less plastic. On the other hand, however, only a third of the plastic in the new blue bag is recycled. And, it lasts only about half as long as the black one.

«I always forget [my re-usable bags.] So they sit in the car,» says Paul Briner, a contractor in Boston, loading his groceries into a paper bag at the check-out of the Whole Foods Market.

«I still prefer the plastic,» says another shopper, firefighter Rob Williams. Whole Foods offers only paper bags, but when he's shopping at other stores that still offer plastic, «I always take the plastic,» Williams says. «I'm just being honest.»

«For 5 or 10 percent Michael Kors Canada of the population, I'll call them 'the tree-huggers,' it's OK, they're going to do it anyway,» Lilienfeld says. «The vegetarians are going to do it anyway. The rest of us need an incentive.»

And it's not only habits at the grocery store that will need to change. Once people no longer have a ready supply of old grocery bags stashed at home, they will have to find new ways to pick up their dog poop or line their bathroom waste baskets. If people just go out and buy other plastic bags, it will defeat the purpose.

As people begin to think more about their shopping bags, Lilienfield says he hopes they'll also start to think more about what's in the bag as well.