Courage Can Move Mountains or Ode to Brave Bloggers

Hi, today I'm still going on with my Wednesday thoughts, confessions and praises. Not so far, I was in a water park and there were 13 slides there. I tried only 12 of them and the last one… it was too dangerous for me and I failed to try it. While driving home I feel myself  a real chicken-liver, so my today's theme is: Brave Bloggers, bloggers, which are not afraid to express their own opinions, even about stars, celebrities and other very important people.

The first place occupies, Couture In The City Blog. I liked an article about celebrity Halloween Costumes. Really, as for me, some celebrities confuse what it is all about, about style or about Halloween… It is so easy to write something not very pleasant about other people (even if it is true), when somebody has already started, yeah?

Kate Bosworth snow beast - celebs style

The second place goes to Fashion Verbatim Blog. It is really great to be an expert and to notice flaws in styles of celebrities. I hope one day, I will be able to do the same.

Celebs fashion decisions

And, finally, Style Critics Blog. Oh, it is almost impossible to cheat its writers, they can notice even a small drawback! And it is very good, out stars and celebrities can't relax, they must always look hundred-per-cent!

Sharavopa in leather

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  • 24 октября 2007, 10:10
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Haute Couture vs Pret-a-Porter

Christian Dior pret-a-porter 2007 collectionCeline pret-a-porter 2007 collection

Haute couture clothes are expensive and luxurious, in such dresses you will feel yourself like a Queen or one in a million girl. But, there is one more category — ready-to-wear clothes or more known to us as pret-a-porter clothing. More about them...

Modern fashion industry clothes can be divided into two main categories — «haute couture» and «ready-to-wear». No doubts, couture fashion designers are very popular and are aimed only for extremely wealthy clients, moreover, in order to be able to produce «haute couture clothes» they have to get an official permission from the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, it is based in Paris. Because of this agreement, designers have to show their collections twice a year and not less than 35 outfits in one collection. As a rule, these outfits are exposed in private salons.

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  • 23 октября 2007, 04:13
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Glamorous Fashion Discoveries

 Glamorous Fashion Picture

Hello, dear friends, while writing articles for Glamorous Fashion I discovered to myself a lot of new sides of life and facts, I found out, that people can be cruel and unfair, because of nothing or because they just envy you, also they can have a lot of prejudices, because they just got separated with their beloved people or they feel unwell since the early morning and there is no better way to recover, than to spoil someone's great mood.

But, I tried my best, not to pay attention to the seamy side of writing and not let unreasonable critics to spoil my attitude towards you and my future posts. That's why, today I just want to say THANK YOU to people, who were so kind to me and now I want to make something small, but pleasant to other bloggers. It is so important to cheer them and show, that they are really doing great job!

So, my today's praises go to:

The fashion week in Paris is a remarkable event, it draws attention of the whole world and dictates us main trends of the future fashion. But, have you ever tried to choose anything form this abundance of clothes? It is really challenging, so, from my point of view, it is a perfect idea to stop at one designer. Dear ladies, Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton designer) collection is to your attention! Thanks to Fashion-O-Lic blog.

Louis Vuitton Collection Paris Fashion Week 2007

Nowadays, most people adore reading blogs and can't imagine their lives without Internet, but I still adore reading, as for me, its magic will never die, nothing can be compared with seating in front of the fire-place with a cup of hot-chocolate and a magazine. Couture In The City blog helped me to realize my dream by noticing my attention on the new issue of Life&Style. Don't miss!

Life and style magazine shoes

And, finally, not so far ago, I heard a very interesting and useful expression, it is one of ways how to measure the wealth of a person: «So, a poor person takes care about his or her shoes and a rich person takes care about his or her feet». I was impressed and immediately decided to pay attention to my feet and choose something new for them, Manolo's Shoe Blog has helped me greatly. Thanks! I fell in love with Jonathan Kelsey shoes.

Jonathan Kelsey comfortable shoes

So, it was all I wanted to tell you. Let's call it a day! Good luck!

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  • 10 октября 2007, 07:01
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Sexy Glam Appearance in Corset

Amazing colours of corset

A corset, tends to be a very popular thing to wear. It can be worn because of two reasons — medical or in order to obtain a desirable shape of your waist. Nowadays, corset can be just a decorative detail, fashionable trend (such corsets just possess the shape of a corset, but have nothing in common with it) but here we will talk about corsets, real corsets.

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  • 5 октября 2007, 04:52
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John Galliano Fashion World. Story of a lucky boy

bazaar picture from Galliano

John Galliano can be named as one of the most authoritative fashion designers of our time. John was born in Gibraltar in 1960, but he spent his childhood in London and has both his own label and is a chief designer of France's haute couture flagship, Christian Dior, in Paris. Galliano is a provocateur, he is an inventor and a creator. His fashion shows are going everywhere, sometimes, I think, there is no place in the world, which Galliano can't choose for his catwalk (let's just remember the Opéra Garnier in Paris ).

John Galliano Haute Couture

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  • 21 сентября 2007, 07:16
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Glamorous Holidays of Glamorous Fashion

Dear friends, readers! GlamorousFashion is going on holiday until the 10th of September. While travelling I will visit interesting countries and make photos of the most fashionable people, clothes and shops. After my vacation I will share them with you!

Remember, to view the archives and feel free to post your comments. It will make me happy!

Thank you for your attention, visits and comments.

See you later!

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