Celebrities Of October 2007

Hello, today, is the 31st of October and Halloween. You think, I will write about various Halloween costumes and accessories? You are wrong. I leave it to real fans of the following holiday and designers. And I am going to tell more about our celebrities and their style.

Halloween! A nice holiday to celebrate, isn't it? I see crowds of people on streets and many many children. But, sometimes, you don't want other people to notice your pregnancy, in such situations our celebrities wear appropriate things and just smile. Thanks to the Couture In The City Blog we can find out how to hide a baby bump!

Jennifer Lopez baby bump hidingNicole Richie baby bump dress

And then, I think, what for? I am not a celebrity (at least yet), so I have an opportunity not to hide a baby. So,when I have one in my belly I will try to wear myself very fashionable, the same as fashionable Halle makes. Moreover, it is a real talent to look stylish and more attractive as younger actresses. Keep it up! I found it on the 16 diaries. Nice blog!

Halle pregnancy

After this, I remembered one day from my life, I was searching for some new clothes and I want them to look completely different and I want them to be extremely fashionable and nobody else will be able to find them… Strange desire, yeah? But, today I came across the California Style Blog and saw an article about celebrities and their completely familiar dresses. And I thought, what the Hades? Nothing special if I wear the same dress as my colleague wears. It means that the dress is marvellous!

Celebrities dresses

And the last thins I want to mention, on the Coutorture Blog I found a perfect alternative to a purple colour — maroon colour. It is so deep and so stylish!

Maroon dress

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Courage Can Move Mountains or Ode to Brave Bloggers

Hi, today I'm still going on with my Wednesday thoughts, confessions and praises. Not so far, I was in a water park and there were 13 slides there. I tried only 12 of them and the last one… it was too dangerous for me and I failed to try it. While driving home I feel myself  a real chicken-liver, so my today's theme is: Brave Bloggers, bloggers, which are not afraid to express their own opinions, even about stars, celebrities and other very important people.

The first place occupies, Couture In The City Blog. I liked an article about celebrity Halloween Costumes. Really, as for me, some celebrities confuse what it is all about, about style or about Halloween… It is so easy to write something not very pleasant about other people (even if it is true), when somebody has already started, yeah?

Kate Bosworth snow beast - celebs style

The second place goes to Fashion Verbatim Blog. It is really great to be an expert and to notice flaws in styles of celebrities. I hope one day, I will be able to do the same.

Celebs fashion decisions

And, finally, Style Critics Blog. Oh, it is almost impossible to cheat its writers, they can notice even a small drawback! And it is very good, out stars and celebrities can't relax, they must always look hundred-per-cent!

Sharavopa in leather

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  • 24 октября 2007, 10:10
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What's Hot This Week!

As usual, one of my favourite blogs proposes answers on the necessary and urgent questions. Why? Because, a lot was written about this fall fashion, even more tips were given in order any of your to be stylish and glamorous, but, shame on me! I've forgotten about one of the most important details and without is you can't be stylish and cool — tights, my dears. How stupid of me, yeah? Oversized sweaters, ankle-boots, secretary dresses and long, beautiful but shivering and chilly legs. A nice picture. So, now I want to say thank you to Couture In The City Blog and to pay your attention to the post about Wearing of Black Tights, Stockings and Hosiery.

Hilary Duff in tightsGwyneth in black tights

Also, this week my curiosity was provoked with the unusual and glamorous photos. At the 1st sight, they seemed to be a little bit trite and even too appalling, but after some time I liked them and found them even wondrous. Look with your own eyes, am I right? The photos belong to Marilyn Minter and I found them here. Fashion Orgasm blog is a new discovery of this fall!

Marilyn Minter photoMM PurpleHaze photo

Paris Fashion Week. A serious event in the world of fashion, don't you think so? The same with me. But, unfortunately, I still didn't make it coverage. I adore people, which are defter than me, so Chanel Autumn/Winter catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week you can enjoy while paying your attention to the Denimology Blog.

Chanel catwalk 2007 (Paris fashion week)

This week I was lack of bright details and things, so this small and glamorous bag came to me in time. I just love the colour of leather — it is incredible, Valentino is a top-sawyer and a Bagbliss Blog is a perfect one while looking for a new bag! Thanks!

Valentino leather bag photo

And, of course, I can't but to mention, that I have almost forgotten about holidays. How about Halloween celebration? Yeah, celebration is always good and, no doubts, you have already thought about a playboy bunny costume, don't you? But, thanks to I Am Fashion Blog you can think about a more sophisticated wearing. From Dior, for example!

Halloween- Dior Couture Collection

Have a good week, dear ladies! :-)

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  • 17 октября 2007, 10:08
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Glamorous Fashion Discoveries

 Glamorous Fashion Picture

Hello, dear friends, while writing articles for Glamorous Fashion I discovered to myself a lot of new sides of life and facts, I found out, that people can be cruel and unfair, because of nothing or because they just envy you, also they can have a lot of prejudices, because they just got separated with their beloved people or they feel unwell since the early morning and there is no better way to recover, than to spoil someone's great mood.

But, I tried my best, not to pay attention to the seamy side of writing and not let unreasonable critics to spoil my attitude towards you and my future posts. That's why, today I just want to say THANK YOU to people, who were so kind to me and now I want to make something small, but pleasant to other bloggers. It is so important to cheer them and show, that they are really doing great job!

So, my today's praises go to:

The fashion week in Paris is a remarkable event, it draws attention of the whole world and dictates us main trends of the future fashion. But, have you ever tried to choose anything form this abundance of clothes? It is really challenging, so, from my point of view, it is a perfect idea to stop at one designer. Dear ladies, Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton designer) collection is to your attention! Thanks to Fashion-O-Lic blog.

Louis Vuitton Collection Paris Fashion Week 2007

Nowadays, most people adore reading blogs and can't imagine their lives without Internet, but I still adore reading, as for me, its magic will never die, nothing can be compared with seating in front of the fire-place with a cup of hot-chocolate and a magazine. Couture In The City blog helped me to realize my dream by noticing my attention on the new issue of Life&Style. Don't miss!

Life and style magazine shoes

And, finally, not so far ago, I heard a very interesting and useful expression, it is one of ways how to measure the wealth of a person: «So, a poor person takes care about his or her shoes and a rich person takes care about his or her feet». I was impressed and immediately decided to pay attention to my feet and choose something new for them, Manolo's Shoe Blog has helped me greatly. Thanks! I fell in love with Jonathan Kelsey shoes.

Jonathan Kelsey comfortable shoes

So, it was all I wanted to tell you. Let's call it a day! Good luck!

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  • 10 октября 2007, 07:01
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Things Worth To Look At

Hi! I am very glad to inform you, that I'm launching a brand-new topic — providing you with knowledge as to the most worth reading and looking blog together with articles. The following information helped me greatly while coping with autumn depression and nasty mood:

The first thing, you have to buy this autumn is a gorgeous bag made by Belen Echnadia. But, be quick! It is a limited edition. This amazing hand-painted bag I found at Couture In The City. But, to tell the truth, it is not the only one adorable post at this blog.

Belen Echandia bag

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Don't Miss Such Beauty

Amazing Colours of Autumn

It is autumn… The weather is gloomy, I just can't stand those 10 minutes periods of sun and then — rain, clouds and other unhappy weather conditions. The sky is grey, it is so dull everywhere. What is more, I hate when summer fights with fall for one or two warm days, it is unbearable… You will think, that I am a very pessimistic and dull person? Nobody can be 100 percent sure, but I suppose it is not true. Because, as for me autumn is not a time for depression, it is time to pay attention to the latest fashion collections, to go shopping, to find latest news from stylish celebrities and to discover new, beautiful things to you...

So, my discoveries of the Autumn 2007:

  • it is extremely convenient to wear ankle boots, at least, you can be sure, it is almost impossible to tear your panty-hose, also, ankles are so sexy part of women's body ); glamorous purple-pink scarf with payettes can fresh up any of your dresses, jackets, blouses etc; it is so wonderful to have an ideal, you can strive for;

    You will never guess what I am talking about. Let me repeat once again, it is adorable when in the middle of the autumn you came across something fantastic, eyepleasing, exciting. I am lucky, I met Couture In The City Blog and was almost absorbed in it.

    Couture in the city

    I must say, I had deal with professionals, with clever and devoted to their work people. Just have a look, I adore the design of this blog, topics are great, photos — of high quality. It is so touching, when somebody wants make your life brighter, tells you that to err is humane (for instance, article about Celebrities Fashion), give you advice what to wear and just help you to be well informed!

    Source: ChicStories.com — Don't Miss Such Beauty